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The main body of text started as excerpts of ITU-T recommendations in 1995 by Philip van Diemen de Jel (PvD).  It was used as discussion paper and quick reference, and adapted for educational purposes.

May 2018 PvD
Added section on X.734 Event Report Management Function.
Related changes to X.733 Alarm Reporting Function and X.710 Common Management Interface Service (CMIS) and X.711 Common Management Interface Protocol (CMIP) and various other minor corrections.
Nov 2012 PvD
Added section on X.732 Attributes for representing Relationships.
Sep 2012 PvD
Added section on Network Element Layer.
Jan 2010 PvD
Added section on TL1.  Various minor corrections.
Nov 2009 PvD
Brought the TMN document under 'Reader' (framed browser application with automatic contents facility) for easier navigation.  Total review to adapt to new CSS-format.  Also remade all drawings.
Feb 1998 PvD
Moved HTML-pages to the new Engineering server on AWW.  Minor updates to all sections (editing required anyway due to this move).
Mar 1997 PvD
Chapter on Interworking expanded.
Started a section on Integration issues.
Minor revision of Chapter on Standards:  added some organisations and added hyperlinks to the home pages of some of them.
Dec 1996 PvD
Chapter on Interworking considerably expanded after discussions (Table of Contents updated accordingly).
Section on Performance Management updated, some useful references added.
Oct 1996 PvD
Making a chapter of Interworking and expanding text, among others by moving text from LLA Introduction and SML to this new chapter {position of chapter not yet determined}.
Update of chapter Introduction, and of sections on Performance Management and SNMP.
Sep 1996 PvD
Document has been converted to HTML and drawings converted to GIF, and put on the local server at Alcatel Telecom Nederland..  The chapters Management Functional Architecture and System Management Functions were moved before Concepts and Components & Interfaces as this order provides more info on TMN without going into the nitty-gritty.
Section on SNMP rewritten, new sections on Interworking (still looking for a proper place), Provisioning (now lost?), Process Cycles (Equipment-, Service-, Fault life-cycle, Capacity Management cycle) added to MFA, and new section on SMF Trouble Management (Trouble Ticketing).