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Event Report Management Function

Recommendation X.734.


  1. Event Reporting Management Function
  2. Event Forwarding Discriminator

Event Reporting Management Function

X.734 Event Reporting Management allows an open system to establish and control the discrimination and the forwarding of event reports to other open systems.  Event reports are generated as a result of the notification that an event has occurred, e.g. a threshold violation or a change in configuration status (see CMIP Event Reports).
The event forwarding management function provides the capability of identifying the destinations to which selected event reports are to be sent.

Event reporting management comprises the following:

Event Forwarding Discriminator (EFD)

The Event Forwarding Discriminator is a Managed Object to match specified conditions in a CMIP event report, and forward that to the specified destination.  For that purpose, the Event Forwarding Discriminator (EFD) object (super)class is introduced.  The discriminator may be specialised into subclasses to support the control of various system management functions (e.g. Alarm reporting functions).

The conditions specified by the discriminator are:

Event Reporting management model
Event Reporting management model (and relationship with Log management)

So the characteristics of a discriminator are:

To be active, the discriminator must be in the enabled and unlocked state, and not scheduled off-duty.

See also (System Management Function) Alarm reporting function as that is a clear example of an Event Report Forwarding function.

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