3.5 MFA Performance Management
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3.5.1 SLA creation

The creation of a Service Level Agreement requires the following steps:

Note that SLAs are not adversarial — there is no point in setting unrealistic targets.

For popular services, one commonly has 3 service levels ('Classes of Service'):

applicable for normal users in most cases;
a restricted set of parameters, some modest thresholds, hardly fines, standard price, probably no reporting:  the default.
when the service is essential for the customer's business;
elaborate set of parameters, critical thresholds, serious fines, significantly increased price, standard reporting, available off-the-shelve.
specially adapted to the customer's need;
extensive set of parameters, probably including some special values, critical thresholds, serious fines, special price;  probably requiring special measures in resources and/or management systems.

Further references:

HP (Operations and Performance Management) White Papers (formerly HP OpenView)
Various articles on setting up SLAs and corresponding problems.  Meant for the IT-area (i.e. performance of computer services), but of more general applicability and valuable.
Search the web for Writing a Service Level Agreement
Advises on writing SLAs.